If a Tree Falls in the Forest

I’ve been struggling to find time to write, really, time to do anything.  But writing comes easier when life is less full.  Life is full of happiness, life is full of gratitude.  I simply need to stop and enjoy it.  What do I need to question?  I only have to focus on gratitude.  In truth, gratitude brings happiness.  And in happiness, what am I left with to ponder?  When one is content, there is no question of why am I here? What is my purpose?  In happiness, one’s imagination does not have to stretch to question the Universe around them.  Perhaps that is what the Universe wants.  To not be questioned.  To instead, be trusted.  To be appreciated.  To be beheld. To simply BE.  To exist without questions of existential existence.  But in the absence of existentialism, we are left with nihilism.  Which certainly isn’t the desire of the Universe.  Therefore the Universe must welcome my questions.  My questions create awareness.  My questions give meaning to the Universe.  We have created the existence of the Universe by simply asking, what is this place?

I can now understand, that I exist, because I ask, why do I exist? Or what if I didn’t exist?Therefore, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound?  Is the wrong question…  The question really is, did the tree fall because it questioned why it stood?


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