When You Deem the Stars are Broken

I’ve deemed the stars are broken.

My wishes don’t come true.

These dreams are just make believe.

My future has drowned in blue.


In a moment of despair,

I gave up and told you I was done.

I challenged you to get me out of here.

It seemed strange, you did not come.


And yes I’ve thought, I’ll come to you.

But I know that’s not the way to go.

It would only hurt those I love.

I cannot waste this mortal soul.


Since these stars are broken,

And these dreams will not come true.

Why do they still watch over me?

And shine on as if brand new?


And why do these broken stars of mine

Still wink at me, as if they knew.

Such a cruel acknowledgement

Of the nothing they will do.


So be it, shine on you broken stars!

And I too will shine in spite of myself.

One broken, lost and lonely soul,

In search of a little help.


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