Like a Moth to a Flame

What is it about the moth that allows him to be so mesmerized by fire?   Is it that light is inherently good?  Is it the heat that he craves?  Is it the knowledge that other animals will also be drawn to the flame and therefore he will be in the company of his peers, his food source, and his predators?  The potential for complete fulfillment.  Unless he gets too close and is burned by the fire.  Why is too much of a good thing always deadly?  Do bored moths sit around and dare each other to see which one can fly the closest to the flame and live to brag?

Like moths to a flame, we too are drawn to our electronics.    It started with the telephone and then radios.  But mere sound was not enough.  Then there were televisions.   But we just couldn’t get close enough with televisions.  Then came computers. And that put it all within arms reach.  And now our cell phones are mini computers that we lovingly caress to our faces all day long.   What is it about humans that allow us to be so mesmerized by electronics? Do we feel warmed by their fluorescent glow?   Are we unconsciously trying to get our vitamin D from them? Are we unknowingly being powered by the electronic output from these devices?  Are they dependent upon us to be powered up, or are we dependent upon them to be powered up…


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